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We offer retailers web application that simplifies, automates and optimizes cooperation with banking partners in the field of consumer finance. This web application has been synchronized with the banking It solutions. The response from banks as to approval of a loan application as long as the loan agreement, which must be signed by a client, comes in an automatic mode (without participation of bank employees) and takes just a few minutes. The loan application is sent to several banks simultaneously. This increases a client’s chances to get at least one approval. This means your sales will grow!

Besides the web application itself we are also ready to provide for retailers with measures which will allow maximizing sales via consumer finance: consulting, advice as to loan products, promotion, trainings, and incentive campaigns for your employees etc. The benefits for retailers: optimization of labor expenses in points of sale connected with consumer finance, maximum possibility for your clients’ loan applications to be approved, free It solution, increase of sales, increase of commission income, larger (conditionally unlimited) quantity of banking partners even in limited space of point of sales.

Online retail sales is a fast developing segment which to our mind lags behind the offline trade just because of the absence of a complete consumer finance model. Such model would let to redistribute the shares of online and offline commerce and to attract the clientele which still prefers to shop offline just because the consumer finance possibilities are there. So that’s exactly what we offer our potential partners from e-commerce sector. Therefore, we offer online merchants web application which will provide for effective consumer finance scheme which as the result will increase your sales. Applying for consumer loans on your web site, clients have possibility to send the loan application to several banks simultaneously which increases the chances for approval. As a result, your get satisfied customers and bigger sales.

The benefits for online merchants: increase of sales, higher clients’ loyalty, clients do not leave your web site in search for financing or a lower price, clients do not have to visit a bank to sign the loan agreement, maximum chances to get loan applications approved, free IT solution, increase of commission income, unlimited quantity of banking partners and time efficiency.

The latest trends in consumer finance show the growth of the brokerage channel. Many retailers have already implemented the brokerage model in consumer finance. The facts witness that banks, which ignore this channel of distribution, will lose the considerable share of the market. Therefore, we are sure that banks are must be interested to develop relationships with the professional and predictable brokers, which will maintain mutually beneficial cooperation and remain independent companies (not belonging to other banks or retailers).

The benefits for banks: cost optimization – no expenses to organize work spaces for loan experts in points of sale, increase of loan portfolio and increase of retail partners. Meanwhile, as a generator of leads we are ready to provide banks with a load of contacts of potential clients (leads) who have a need in financing. We are already cooperating with a number of banks in this direction and we are ready to expand our partners’ list and the quantity of leads.

We help to sell more

Why Targer Finance

IT solution synchronized with banks for fully automatic loan process.

Absolutely free for retailers.

Consulting services for retailers to optimize loan processes – we are not an IT company, we help to sell more.

About us

For banks and retailers including online retailers our, company provides services as to setting up of a brokerage model of consumer finance in the points of sale or on web sites. We also generate leads for banks. Services which we provide allow retailers establishing of the most effective scheme of consumer finance. In its turn the latter provides for turnover growth at the expense of financed sales. In the field of leads generation we cooperate with banks sending them “warm” contact information of individuals who are interested in banking products. Thus our added value is optimization of the partners’ sales using the cutting edge technologies expecting to be paid for the result.

How much do our services cost?

According to our business model the banks and not retailers pay for our services. We receive income on the pay per result (signed loan agreement) basis. Thus the more loans, the more is our income. This means that increase in sales of our retail and banking partners is in our best interests. So our interests completely correspond with those of our partners!

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